Dean Church and Dr. Savoie

Dean Church has simply been a pleasure to know in the last eighteen months. It’s refreshing in the age of super star athletes to meet someone who has accomplished so much and yet remains pretty modest about it all. Ironically that same modesty is the one thing that has delayed something most people can only dream of. Last fall a few of the Shipley Classic committee members were discussing the All time Cajun greats who have had their jersey numbers retired and the discussion made it’s way to “and of course Dean too, wait… is it retired?” Only after checking with Coach Marlin that it wasn’t! Dean being the modest fellow he is assumed “well, it’s kind of one of those things that if you have to ask you don’t deserve it.”

A small group sprung into action behind the scenes, without Dean’s knowledge, that’s when we got the call to roll cameras for the whole thing! Dean was on cloud nine once he was made aware of the University’s plans to finally have #12 hanging from the rafters of the Cajun Dome . He joins the elite company of former players Marvin Winkler, Bo Lamar and Andrew Toney as the fourth member to have his number retired in the entire 101 year span of men’s basketball and UL. As the first All American player, two time All  American if your counting,  at the university Dean racked up numerous records on the court and is a fan favorite of the Shipley Era to this day. So the lesson of the day is modesty is great but when it comes to matters of Hall of Fame status let it all hang out baby! Below you can check out a recap of  the half time festivities and few snap shots of the evening.