Every creative professional should have an editor, they provide the ever important fresh set of eyes so needed when tunnel vision sets in. Being an indy filmmaker you are forced to don many hats, the one that never seems to fit correctly on my dome is the writer’s hat.

After experiencing a handful of grammar induced cringes my soon to be editor contacted me and volunteered her services. After overcoming the initial shame I agreed to send her all posts before hand, which led to a somewhat get to it tomorrow attitude among the myriad of duties that accompany making a feature length product.

So in summary I am not firing my beloved editor for this blog, rather I am going to use the one two excuse combo of  ”it’s the internet” followed by “I’m a film maker, not a journalist”  methodology when dealing with the frequency of posting on our neglected blog.

In fact I will propose a challenge to all readers. When a grammar error is spotted, and trust me it will be,  it is your duty to report it to us. The preferred method of delivery shall be the simple PayPal form on the right hand of each page. What’s the catch? Reports only cost 1 dollar per error and you can smile knowing not only are you helping with Continuing my education but also supporting a great film in the process!