Jimmy Dykes enjoys claiming the title “The Twelfth Man on a Twelve Man Team”  and always follows with “and damn proud of it too.” Chatting with Jimmy is always a treat and once we began rolling our interview was no different.

Jimmy is a member of the clan known as  ”the Original Shipley Boys”, a group of young men that took the first blows from the one known as “Red”.  The Shipley Boys helped Beryl hone his craft as Jimmy puts it “…he didn’t have a whole lot to work with, but man…he sure did work us a lot.” Those early years of Beryls tenure set the stage for the high flying Cajuns that would follow. Time flew by as the jokes and tales from the bench (Jimmy doesn’t have a whole lot of tales from the floor if you know what i mean) made it into the can followed by touching moments of Coach and Jimmy’s lasting bond throughout life as coaches and friends.  Jimmy’s role is simple-when the going gets tough he makes you laugh.