Way back in the year 2011 we had the pleasure of sitting down with the one and only Fred Saunders. For those with minds that have wandered or weren’t there to see it in the flesh Fred was the backbone of the one of the most potent offensive attacks college basketball has laid eyes on. If you are going to be runnin and gunnin someone has to lug all the ammo and that man was “Steady Freddy.”  The smooth talking Saunders was more than a pleasure and my one regret was we only had two hours.

During our chat we reminisced about him playing in Blackham, hanging with the jazz band after the games, what it was like being in the NCAA hot seat and a slew of other topics that are going to be just as fun to listen to as they were to film. My favorite bit was his shock and confusion upon arriving in Lafayette by way of Columbus, Ohio and coping with his culture shock. “What is all that noise?  French?  French….i said whhhhaaaaaatttt?” is one of my favorites thus far.  Enjoy a tiny snippet of our session below