Good question and one i get often as of late. Honestly i have been slacking on the web front due to some cool things happening behind door number three-the post production door that is.

After the dust settled from  an extremely successful Tribute night to Beryl last November we stopped production the first week of December so we could find out exactly what in the h#ll we got over the last twelve months. After several weeks of simply sifting and putting things in each proper place we were able to start fleshing out what will be ” the hook” , act 1, act 2, act 3 and act 4 of our baby. As of this weekend we have about 30 to 35 minutes of what we call “talking heads”. That is people strung one after the other simply telling the audience the story that is their life before we sit back again and see what needs  some vintage bball footage on top, a fancy photo animation, a news paper clipping and so forth. It also is the organic and liquid nature of the documentary process in which you start out with “your story” then the characters tell you  theirs and you come out on the other side with a better understanding of the twists and turns any good subject has, rather than simply penning your script and yelling at actors to do it again. So now we are at the point that we have our story arc nailed down and will fill in the needed holes with our upcoming interviews in the coming months.

On the script side of things we have begun penning our narration script and are scouring for “the voice” who will ease along with you. We think we have it narrowed down to a short list of some pretty talented and hopefully not too expensive talents that we will pitch our baby to once we have some polished product for them to watch and hopefully seal the deal. In the mean time shooting ramps up again this weekend and will be the beginning of a blitzkrieg of things to come for us in the near future

So fans stay tuned for more updates and bit more attention from the Nerds crew. It’s been one hell of a ride so far and i can’t think of  a better group of people to have riding shotgun. Trust me, we are just getting started!-D.D.