In 1970 a sandy haired shooting guard made his way to cajun country via  Xenia, Oh, and he was known as “little man”…or “wunda” depending on who’s asking.  “Little Man” ( Steve Greene as his momma knows him) had a couple of trademarks, solid shooting from the arc and tenacious defensive play. When Beryl wanted to rack up a few steals on D  he would simply shout “LITTLE  MAN…get in there!”

We had a lot of fun talking with Steve, and he enjoyed being back in cajun country for a few days. We spent time covering the usual items for the flick, but as each session has it’s own character we drifted into a few off shoots such as his pure amazement of the south Louisiana scenery as he kept repeating over and over “the moss…on the trees…it was EVERYWHERE…and the gators…and swamp water.” It made us laugh a bit hearing our hometown being described as foreign land once again from another Ohio yankee.

After hearing player after player tell the same tale of arriving to a bizarre landscape with food that was at first inedible only to fall in love with it all in the end makes for good material and has added a nice little segment to the doc i hadn’t planned for. All in all it was like may other interviews we laughed, we cried and had a great time doing both.