Douglas Domingue – Writer/Director

Owner and Creative Director of digital design firm Acadié Digital in Lafayette, La. Doug has worked on both commercial and independent film projects. His short film Synthetic in Stereo was featured in the Experimental Media Show, and took home the Audience Award. Doug’s eye for design, experience behind the camera, and love for his home state of Louisiana are the elements that drive him to create this film. “Lights Out in Blackham” is a story he heard bits and pieces of growing up and finally came to the conclusion he had to get to the bottom of it. Doug has a degree in multimedia and 3D animation from the University of Louisiana .

Donny Broussard – Director of Photography
Co-owner of the popular entertainment portal, Donny is a writer that works hard to bring his own brand to his readers. His short film This Way To You earned him the gold award at NOVAC, and his documentary Little Houses played theaters around the south and is currently airing on the Documentary Channel. He was the Director of Photography on John Fallon’s award winning short film The Red Hours, and worked as a sales agent to sell Fallon’s script Trance, which was shot in Louisiana with actress Dominique Swain. Donny has over 15 years of production and design experience and earned his BFA in multimedia from the University of Louisiana .

Michelle Richard-Domingue– Production Manager
Michelle is no stranger to task management. Frequently involved with production and development operations at Acadié Digital, she is a seasoned designer, and studio photographer. She earned her degree from the University of Louisiana with a Bachelors – Production Manager Degree in Mass Communications, and somehow managed to find herself married to Doug… Go figure.

John Melancon – Camera
Owner of John Melancon Photography, John joined the crew in August 2011. John is our resident geek who brings his studio photography knowledge to the table which produces great results in the field as well. An Abbeville native John is a Full Sail graduate, avid drummer, joke teller and closet cajun. Check out John’s craft at

Matt Bell – Camera
Owner of Matt Bell Photography, Matt is our newest addition to the crew. Spending time heading up projects that range from magazine shoots to music videos, Matt’s unique approach to SLR film making never disappoints on set. Matt is a Lafayette native and recent graduate of the University of Louisiana. His work can be checked out at

Matt Champagne – Sound
Matt is the technical brain behind and the co-owner of, and a full time sound engineer working in the film industry. His company Cinema Advanced has worked on both commercial projects and feature films, and is a growing production name in Louisiana.

“B”- Research
When delving into history you need someone willing to wade through the mud, enter “B”. Our camera shy detective spends his time sleuthing away behind the scenes so we can tell our story. He remains adamant on concealing his true identity so we will keep it short, carry on “B.”